Typical Onsite Service Visit

​Our typical service call will provide cheery and prompt arrival at the designated time we agreed that fit your schedule.

We first listen to what your concerns are and the reason you gave us a call. We want to know from your point of view the apparent need, including the current situation, what the cause may have been, and the likelihood of that same problem coming up again for you.

We not only want to solve your problem right now, but we have a trained eye for the problems that might continue to bother you. We'll take the time to assess your conditions thoroughly. Nothing is done until you say you want it done, but while we are there, we might as well give you peace of mind about anything else related to your need.

We don't let our customers falsely feel all is well if we discover something we ought to call to your attention. We're not in it just for the pay, we like our Barrington area residents and want their lives to be comfortable and carefree.

We expect to give you all the use out of your windows you desire. Some windows are more efficient and less expensive than other Barrington window inspections might tell you. Some windows are clearly designed to give long lasting service, but less professional Barrington window installers might not be as familiar with all the many intentions manufacturers have for each type of window they sell.

We stay ahead of the other window replacement companies by studying the manufacturer design specifications, learning the intended use, and the optimal placement of hundreds of windows.

We'll be able to suggest the best, least expensive, most useful window for your chosen place, space, need, use, and budget.

Our customers appreciate the one on one attention we give to each service visit. You will feel like we know you and your desired results as well as anyone else could. We'll add to that courtesy our professional service and accurate estimate with written certainty.

Many factors are at play when looking to the effective replacement of your windows. How old your home might be, your own expected stay at this home, the age of the windows you are to replace, the practical use expected from the window, any results or changes you are desiring for the living space related to the window, and the budget target you want to stay within. We meet your dreams within your budgetary demands.

As We've Said, this estimate is FREE

When we have an agreed upon plan designed just for your current needs, we’ll set a schedule of service that fits with your schedule availability.

We show up prompted, primed, and prepared to do the work we've agreed you want done and to do so within the work schedule that meets your needs. We want as little interruption to your life as possible, and as immediate remedy to your needs as can be done.

Our mind is on taking care of your need and creating such an outstanding relationship that you will call on us again when you're in need.

It will be our honor to serve you. Call us today and we'll be there right away!

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