You, our customer, occupy the number ONE position, before our windows, before our products, before ourselves. Without you, we would be the best Barrington window replacement company but no one would know.

Your schedule is too important to waste your time. By calling to set up a free consultation, we can be sure to use your time and our time at the maximum benefit to get your window needs resolved as professionally and as quickly as possible.

We are confident in our service and in our products. That's why we can offer a free, no cost, no obligation onsite estimate.

You will enjoy the assurance that we have seen your needs first hand and that you are confident your solutions will be permanent.

Our onsite 12 point inspection allows us to detect if your problems are bigger than you are aware and just as easily, if your needs can be solved with a much less drastic solution than you thought.

It's understandable that with our training and experience, we may see something of which you are unaware. Equally so, we may have solutions that take care of your current and future needs a greatly reduced price.

Manufacturers offer reduced prices from time to time and by viewing your needs personally, our installers can introduce the greatest benefit at the lowest possible cost in both time and money.

You can expect our professional inspector to sketch out some plans, detail the materials, and provide you with a written estimate for a schedule of work and a cost for the project.

We stand by our plans agreed upon with the customer and there are no upsells or additional fees that other window companies practice.

What you see is what you get and we will do the work to your satisfaction.

Give us a call today or fill out the form and we'll get in touch right away.

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