Barrington Window Replacement has thousands of combinations from which to select for your casement windows.

These are the windows that can be secured to open from the inside or from the outside just by the choice of where to place the hinges (without loss of security to the home owner). The design of a casement window allows for the connection to be vertically fixed to the window frame.

This unique format is popular throughout the world, allowing for the maximum view or shared space with the out of doors. This means that a casement window, quite different from all the other makes, has no blockages in the center of the frame. There is no hindrance to the panels or to the sashes, thereby providing the most linear run of undivided panes possible.

You may have heard casement windows referred to as crank or windup windows. These windows have a handy little crank or a handle twist that allows for a generous opening to the outside.

The majority of casement windows are mounted so as to open to the exterior, but with the adjustment to the hinges, you can elect to have them roll to the inside instead. The customer has the choice and the adjustment can be made by our installers when so requested.

Some home owners prefer the casement windows because there is no counter balance to the crank as compared to the raised windows. Because the twist handle or crank is used, the glass pane inserted can be of a much heavier composition (and some decorative or cut glass can really be just the peculiar addition you are looking forward to having). There is no unique slide or run required to push or lift like is true with other windows, so even the slightest action is adequate to open or close the windows.

Have you ever wondered what to call those strips of metal or wood or fiberglass that separate the panes of a window? They are called muntins, and casement windows do not have muntins. That’s one of the enjoyments of casement windows, the absence of these visual obstructions. The unobstructed view through casement windows is a crowning feature. However, if there is any reason why you would care to have muntins in your casement windows, it can be arranged.

Another undeniable advantage with casement windows is their peculiar ability to catch the slightest breeze if placed appropriately throughout the home. A significant decrease in utility bills can be the result of your wise choice of these unique windows. Given the extended vertical mount of casement windows, they can deliver a breeze when most other windows simply cannot gather it.

Casement windows give you the best panoramic view from your living space because they require fewer muntins or none at all, depending on your preference. Muntins are the dividers between two sashes or panels of the windows which allow the window to close properly, but in the case of this particular type of windows, you can completely eliminate them since the casement panels can lock each other.

​Also, if your home is designed at an acute angle, casement windows will help you catch the breeze which is almost impossible with any other type of window. This is just another great advantage to having these types of windows installed with us!

It is not unusual for customers to select casement windows for the sheer security found in their format and design. Casement windows cannot be penetrated from the outside, having their locks inset to the very frame of the window on the inside. This added feature of safety and protection is a frequently quoted reason for customers to replace their old siding windows or lifting windows with casement windows.

At Barrington Window Replacement we have the capability to custom make casement windows according to your specifications and within your budget. These custom made window can be produced in frames of wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, fiberglass, and in any number of colors. If you choose to have decorative designs, though not necessary for functionality, we can add grills of your own choice as a special feature.

For those who have a preference for high tech advantages we can install self-opening, self-closing, self-locking controls that allow you to create whatever mood at will.

We look forward to your visit and a chance to share with you all the options available in this unique window style.

Give us a call and we’ll be right there to assist you in any way we can. Call today!

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Whether you are carrying out a complete house enhancement program or whether you merely want to change the windows in your home this type of enhancement can not only make your home look and feel much better but can likewise include value to your home. Casement windows are a really popular choice amongst property owners these days, and this is because they not only look great however they can also make a distinction to the way your home feels.

Delight in a timeless and classic look with these casement windows. With casement windows you can give your house a truly gorgeous look that is both stylish and sophisticated. Visitors to your house will be impressed when they see the windows, and locals of the home will also like the look of them. Because casement windows have side hinges and open outwards they are perfect for hard to reach areas within the home, and they are likewise excellent for getting a fantastic view of the outdoors.Tailor your windows to match your needs and taste

You might care for grid windows, which offer a really sophisticated finish, and you can choose from a large variety of accessories such as locks and handles to provide the perfect surface to your windows.

From decks and outdoor patios to cooking areas and living areas, this type of window can look great anywhere within the house so you can have them installed throughout or simply choose for certain rooms within the home.Whether you are bring out a full house enhancement program or whether you simply want to change the windows in your home this type of enhancement can not just make your building appearance and feel much better however can also include value to your house.